Cost of Concrete in Australia

What is the Cost of Concrete?

The cost of concrete can range from $250 to $333 per cubic metre, depending on the thickness and finish. The cost of concrete varies depending on the type and quality of the product and also the location within Australia you are pouring the Concrete (Specifier Australia states Sydney is more expensive than Adelaide).

For example, a high-quality white finish would cost more than stained cement, which is commonly used for driveways and paths.

How long does Concrete last?

Concrete can last many years or even decades if it’s been made properly with good material and is properly maintained. Concrete can be used to build bridges, roads and house foundations – these are all supposed to last for years or even decades.

As long as the concrete has been correctly mixed, forms have been made well and everything is constructed to handle it with care, it might last a really long time! It depends on if you look after it and what environment it is in.

Concrete can last more than 50 years if properly taken care of and is not exposed to too many harsh environmental conditions like heat and rain.

What is Concrete made of?

Concrete is made up of multiple materials, but the most significant are aggregate, cement and water.

Aggregate is basically just small rocks that you can find in your back garden or at a nearby quarry. Sometimes large stones called boulders may be used instead of small rocks as they add strength to the concrete.

Cement is made up of lime, clay and crushed rock-bound together with heat and pressure. Water is pretty self-explanatory as it’s what keeps everything together!

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