Organising Committee

Daksh Baweja

Daksh Baweja is Director ‐ Materials Technology for BG&E Consulting. This is a specialist group within a broader civil/structural consultancy that provides strategic advice in areas relating to civil engineering materials. Daksh is also Honorary Associate in Civil Engineering at the University of Technology in Sydney. He started his career with the Electricity Commission of NSW as a civil engineer and completed his Masters degree in civil engineering by research on durability of fly ash and other concretes. He then worked in research at the CSIRO Division of Building, Construction and Engineering where he completed his PhD in civil engineering on corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete.

Following that, he worked with CSR, Readymix, Rinker and CEMEX Australia in various functional management roles prior to setting up his consultancy and commencing at UTS from 2009. Daksh is actively involved in knowledge management, marketing and commercial R&D and is the author of over 100 research papers into aspects relating to concrete materials, structural design, concrete durability and serviceability in major infrastructure. He is a Past President of the Concrete Institute of Australia and is a Fellow of Engineers Australia. He was a member of the Green Building Council of Australia Concrete Expert Reference Panel that reviewed the Green Star Mat‐4 Concrete Materials credit. He received an award for outstanding contributions to concrete technology from the American Concrete Institute in 2007, Life Membership of the Concrete Institute of Australia in 2013 and became a Fellow of the American Concrete Institute in 2014.

Warren South

Dr Warren South has worked in the heavy construction materials industry for the past 25 years. He started his working career in cement in 1985 with Blue Circle Southern Cement at Berrima as Assistant Works Chemist, later to become Works Chemist in 1989. During this time he worked on the development of cement and concretes specifically for high durability applications such as the immersed tube units for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel and other important infrastructure projects.

In 1996, he moved to New Zealand to become Technical Manager for Golden Bay Cement. During this time he led the development of cements specifically for use in the South Pacific, dealing with three different Standards regimes also lead the development of inorganic polymer binders for concrete.


Moving back to Australia, he gained his doctorate in Civil Engineering from the University of Wollongong in 2010, dealing with the performance of cements based on natural pozzolanic materials available in New Zealand.


Warren is now the Director – Research and Technology for the industry organisation -Cement Concrete and Aggregates Australia. He maintains an active focus on addressing sustainability and resilience in terms of the cement and concrete industry and is a strong advocate for the positive contributions that concrete can make to the durability of the built environment.

David Millar

David Millar is the Chief Executive Officer of the Concrete Institute of Australia. He has over 25 years’ experience in the concrete industry in Australia working in the industry association sector as well in the concrete materials, construction chemicals, and precast areas. Prior to his appointment as CEO with the Institute, David was the Executive Director of the Concrete Pipe Association of Australasia, and he has also served as a Director on numerous boards of affiliated industry associations and group. David has been involved in the last 10 CIA conferences, in particular as an Organising Committee member for Concrete 2015 and Concrete 2017, and is also on the organising committee for the fib 2018 Congress in Melbourne.

Malcolm Boyd

Following early training as a civil engineer, Malcolm has been involved in the development and delivery of innovative engineered products and systems for the construction industry, both in Australia and overseas.

Malcolm was formerly Managing Director of The Reinforced Earth Company in Australia and Regional Director for Groupe TAI in the Pacific Region. Malcolm was the forefront of the introduction of the innovative Reinforced Earth technique into the Asia-Pacific region for over 25 years.

Subsequently, Malcolm has advised on product development and commercialisation strategies and implemented a new business for Rocla (EFA Technologies), based on a novel product in the concrete industry. 

Recently Malcolm has been working with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Sydney to develop university/industry cooperation. He is the Executive Officer of the Council for Civil Engineering Sydney.

Malcolm is also a Member of the NSW State Committee and the National Council of the Concrete Institute of Australia.

Malcolm’s interests are in education support, innovation development, technology marketing and technical communication.

Doug Jenkins

Doug has worked on the design of bridges and related structures since graduation from The University of London in 1972.  In 1993, he joined The Reinforced Earth Company as Engineering Manager, where he was responsible for the design and development of their TechSpan buried arch structures.  Doug Jenkins was head of the international committee responsible for TechSpan development, and in this role managed the development of software, design procedures, and training material.  Since 2000, he has worked as an independent consultant, providing analysis and design services for bridges and buried arch structures.