Concreter in Sydney & Surrounds

Concreting in the Sydney region is a very common trade and almost every house in Sydney requires or has required some form of concrete, be it a driveway, footpath, pool decking or side access.

Concreting is extremely popular in the local area because concrete finishes are easy to maintain and won’t cost an arm and a leg when it comes to replacements. Concrete Driveways are incredibly durable and have that “wow factor” when you drive up to your home in comparison to other driveway surfaces.

When deciding which type of concrete finish you should choose for your Sydney property many factors come into play such as price, aesthetics, colour variety & application method.

Concreting Cost in Sydney

The cost of Concreting in Sydney can vary, depending on the product required, type of construction and labour involved.

According to Specifier, the average cost for Concreting in Sydney is $60-85 per square metre while the cost for Custom exposed aggregate or stencilled Concrete is $100-150 per square metre.

This can increase greatly to up to $350 per metre cubed and the thickness of the concrete can vary.

Concrete Construction Experience in Sydney

Most concreters have come from either a carpentry or construction background so they are well versed in many trades which can benefit your Sydney property’s project overall. Many concreters don’t simply do one thing, such as just driveways or just paths but instead, they will do both jobs at no extra charge to you, which means that there is less fuss with organising multiple workmen to complete separate jobs within your property.

Concreting vs Exposed Aggregate in Sydney

One of the most popular types of concrete finishing is exposed aggregate. These are by far one of our most popular requests when it comes to pouring walls, slabs and driveways. Exposed aggregate is extremely easy to apply using either a pre-mixed or dry-mix method. It’s also very affordable which makes it perfect for new homes in Sydney with a limited budget.

Concreting in Sydney

When it comes to aesthetics, your concreter in Sydney has got you covered! We have many different concrete colours to choose from so there is something for everyone’s taste. Recent trends have seen more rich dark colours being used on driveways but don’t be afraid to think outside the square when choosing the colour of your Sydney property’s Exposed aggregate.

The colour of your exposed aggregate will depend on the other work being done in your Sydney property, such as if you are having new tiles laid or painting done. Our concreters can advise what colours would look best for your home and we also offer a free colour sample service so you can see how it looks before we start pouring! Exposed Aggregate is by far one of our most popular requests when it comes to pouring walls, slabs and driveways.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Sydney

Custom exposed aggregate or stencilled Concrete is applied using a longboard method which gives a beautiful professional finish with different varieties of custom finishes. These include herringbone patterns, brick style lines, stripes and more.

Custom exposed aggregate finishes are usually used on driveways but can also be used in pools, patios and walkways. With the many different textures available you will be sure to find something that suits your taste, style and budget.

Concrete Pools in Sydney

Another popular type of concrete finishing is Custom pool surrounds or bluestone effect surfaces which are very similar to Exposed Aggregate finishes with the exception of colour variety.

Pool surrounds like these give new pools a dramatic look which makes them very popular amongst clients who want something unique for their home pool area without having to spend thousands on resurfacing or complete removal and replacement.

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